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streaming for shits and giggles and just working on the newest page or two while i have a day off to relax for once. can't stream music but don't have the energy to deal with livestream so fuck it.
Its been a long time since I really updated anything on DA but god damn have I ever been busy.
My website has transferred to square space and I've changed jobs, but most importantly I've gotten a chance to get some new programs and really start getting things into gear with all my art. Now that I'm getting back into the swing of my art and work, and school is winding down, I'm FINALLY going to get back into a few projects that have been on hold for a while.


So unfortunately for the past few weeks my computer has been out of commission and digital work is at a stand still. Thankfully I got everything backed up before windows 8 had to be reinstalled on my current computer, and my new sexy tower PC will be here tomorrow. I don't have photoshop anymore, but sketchbook pro is on its way too and those new perspective features are gonna be sooooooooooooo sweet to use, so art will be back on track once everything comes together. I might get adobe design suite after some saving up now that I'm finally working, but with that I can't say how often i'll be around doing art this summer until after my vacation to Seattle. I want to try and have more work streams or movie streams if I get the chance but its hard to say when all that jazz can fit in.
glad to be back and hoping I'll have some new stuff to post up soon, but got a few other things to try and fix before then. here's to the start of a new and better computer era!!
Happy spring break to those still celebrating!
I'm on my last few days and even though I'm miles behind on my studying I've decided today I'll try to finish and post my LONG DELAYED update to Nuzlocke 420. I'm not happy its taking so long, but life doesn't have much opportunity for me to work on what I want much anymore. I've been updating more outside Deviantart these days, so for anyone still interested in my work please please please check out these other social media sites where I post:
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Where you can find me outside of DA:
My Website - Rose Byers
Facebook - Onei
Twitter - @ONEiROSEB
Instagram - kingchumba
Redbubble - Onei
the reason I've been absent from a lot of DA activity, aside from my use of other social media outlets and my website, I'm still juggling school and, until today, a part time job. Apparently my performance wasn't what the company that hired me was looking for, aside from apparent customer reviews playing into it, but I was a bike courier in San Francisco. 1) there's a SHIT LOAD OF HILLS. 2) NOT A WHOLE LOT OF DESIGNATED AND SAFE BIKE AREAS/LANES. 3) Drivers are ASSHOLES in this city. 4) fuck it.
I could be madder than I already am, but that won't get me anywhere...I just wish this hadn't been the start of my week, but at least I don't have to work Valentine's Day weekend anymore.
I'll still keep riding my bike, even if its a little shitty, because I've just liked having it around as a little freedom machine as funny as it sounds. I've been losing weight since I've been doing it too, so that's a lovely bonus...and at least I don't have Psychology class tomorrow so I can get drunk tonight!


R.I.P Postmates Job: November 2014- Feb 9th 2015.
Almost 3 whole months!!
so since schools were closed all across the Bay Area because of the "rain storm" with "9 inches of rain and 70mph winds" guess I better write up an update before I get swamped with finals and last second packing rushes for my winter vacation.

School in addition to my new bike delivery job have run me ragged these few weeks and will keep me busy till I head out to Seattle again on the 19th, I'll be back after New Year's on Jan. 2nd and its my hopes that in the last week of my break I'll finally have the Nuz420 chapter update finally posted. I honestly don't know how much I'll be posting up between school and the job, but if my schedule permits enough free time I'll be sure to make time to update DA.

To be honest I've been posting more outside DA these days, and I've decided to start including those links in my journals, which you can find at the bottom of my entries.

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Where you can find me outside of DA:
My Website - Rose Byers
Facebook - Onei
Twitter - @ONEiROSEB
Instagram - kingchumba
Redbubble - Onei
I finally got myself a website! Since I'll need to re-up on business cards soon I decided to get myself a short subscription to a godaddy website. I'm really happy with how its turned out, I still need to tweak a few things here and there but for the most part its all there and looking fabulous!

Please give it a looking over if you have a moment! Feedback is much appreciated as well
So I got more than one positive comment on Nuz420 so I guess I'll count that a victory.
THE PLAN: I am sooooo close to finishing the next update, but I don't know if I'll get to value shading for this one done since its about twice as long as the last update, but Chapter 1 Part 4 is all sketched out and ready to rock after Part 3 is over with. After this update I'll be getting a character Bio page up for June and Team420, and this page will be the go-to page for character and evolution refs.
I don't know how many of you care, but just throwing out there that Nuzlocke 420 also is on tumblr! Haven't added much in the way of doodles or updates, but just sharing for anyone interested in watching!

Things have been really stressful and busy aside from school lately, and I'm at a point again where I'm debating if I should continue with this for-fun Nuzlocke or just focus on my semester project.

If you watch me for Nuzlocke 420, or have grown to enjoy what's been posted so far, please leave a comment so I have an idea of how its doing. If you watch me for Retro or any of my other art then please do the same. I'll be posting a lot of new stuff soon, please pardon my little hiatus

Chapter 1.3 update
So now that most of my homework is done (and after today all of it) I'll be doing a livestream or two over the weekend, most likely some more progress on the next Nuz420 update, a few gijinkers and my commissions if I can get to them. Good news is Nuz420 Chapter 1.4 is almost completely sketched out, so that will be directly underway once 1.3 is finished, but I don't know if I'll be able to stick with the tone work 100% of the time.

Hope you guys are enjoying the sun if its shining, its been fucking gorgeous here in SF, and that's something that only happens once a year!!
vent journal with some art updates
- - - - - - - - VENTING
so I got ANOTHER call today from the tax collector about my hospital bills from way back in 2012. SOMEHOW they are still missing some payments, and now I have to go downtown tomorrow to pay an extra $50 to my account so its "up to speed." the lady who called me said she was getting tired of our missed payments and that she was ready to give my case to the Delinquent Tax Department (or whatever its called) the first thing she said to me after calling me immediately after my class got out today.
I honestly don't think this would have bugged me as much as it ended up doing if I hadn't met someone on the bus this morning that reminded me so much of my father, that was the thing that really didn't help with the start of my day. its not like the person I talked to said anything wrong or whatever, but he reminded me so much of my dad that I wasn't emotionally right for the rest of the day.
I was so pumped to see I'd gotten a little extra money this month from my aunt and uncle for school supplies, and I was ready to order a few new watercolor brushes to use during the semester, but looks like that's not happening any more...
- - - - - - - - ART
Nuzlocke 420: next update is underway, I may not stick with the value coloring for this update unless I can find someone to help me out with that, but Chapter 1.4 is getting sketched out so that update shouldn't be too far behind Chapter 1.3
Retro: working on set designs at the moment, but new character turn arounds and environment sketches are also on the way.
Commissions: slowly making progress, one of my two chibi commissions should be finished sometime soon now that the lineart is pretty much done
Other: sketch dumps are on the way, may post up what I've been doing in my design class, at least the stuff in my sketchbook
so my computer is starting to get a little laggy with me in Photoshop while I'm working on the next Nuz420 update, but I'm still trying my hardest to get through it. I'll be trying to post up a sketchdump of what I've been working on during the Summer, and another for the Retro work I get done. have to run to school early so this is all I can say at the moment, but ART WILL BE COMING SOON I PROMISSSSSE
WOOHOOOOO things are looking up!
so I got my books ordered, and I'm pumped for 3/5 classes (I'll deal with my online astronomy class later today and Lab tomorrow night) but my Illustration, Design and History classes are gonna be totally bitchin!! This "make your own series" thing for Illustration is probably gonna herald the beginning of Retro's prototype comic making process, but awesome news is that my Rapid Visualization design class should give me a huge boost with comic making skills according to my teacher!!
I still have a lot of options for my process this semester, but I have enough paper now to work on decently sized comic pages. outie 5000, peace bros
stolen from :icondankearl:

1) Top 12 favorite Pokémon:

1: Haunter (favorite ghost since day 1. tricky little bastards, and now killer against Fairy types)
2: Starmie (always had one of my favorite moveset possibilities, but like one of the most badass things ever)
3: Snivy/Serperior (Snivy is my favorite grass type/grass starter, and Serperior is one of the most bitchin, majestic fucking grass snake ever)
4: Froakie/Greninja (was so pumped for this starter's final form. instant love for a blue frog starter~)
5: Flaaffy (favorite pokemon to draw and make gijinkas of! so in love with its fluff. the only pink pokemon I love)
6: Heracross (fighting beetle~ silly mega form but still bitchin)
7: Dragalge (deadly toxic sea horse dragon)
8: Breloom (kung-fu mushroom dinosaur)
9: Togekiss (favorite form of the Togepi line. probably my favorite fairy type)
10: Arcanine (giant lion dog of fire and dooooom)
11: Tyrunt/Tyrantrum (favorite fossil next to Tirtouga/Carracosta. another dragon type favorite)
12: Natu (cutest burb ever)

2) I guess favorite type?

hard to choose, but Water seems like the top favorite

3) Favorite dual-typing pokemon?

Anegislash: Steel + Ghost = DEATH

4) Favorite generation?

1st/2nd gen for badassness and 5th/6th gen for designs and typing

5) What generation did you start playing pokemon with?

 4th gen, Pearl was the first game I played.

6) Are you a genwunner?

PSH, as IF~

7) Favorite dual-typing?

Dragon/Electric and Ghost/Steel have been awesome

8) What do you think of nuzlockes?

i don't have a widespread reach in runs that I stay caught up with, but I'm glad to read what I find and enjoy the company of some other awesome nuzlockers

9) Favorite nuzlocker? 

WAIFU: :iconkiahl:
BROS: :icondankearl::iconnekiwii::iconcaramelfrog::iconnyapapa::iconclimbthecastlewalls:

10) Favorite mega?
i hate mudkip. this thing makes me not hate it anymore
lol gonna be headed to Seattle for 2 weeks to visit the boyfriend y'all. I wanted to try and get the next update of Nuzlocke 420 done before i left but because my brother didn't get me my shampoo (like he was supposed to and asked to do multiple times) I had to go get it last minute today. Now he won't pay me back for having to do it, I'm REALLY not gonna be looking forward to coming back to see his worthless fat ass sitting at the computer.
I'll be up early catching my plane so just wanted to drop a quick journal before I call it a night. I'll try as hard as I can to finish the next Nuz420 update while I'm in Seattle, but if I can't other art will be coming your way. I'm bringing my watercolors and it'll be nice to get those back in actions again!

See you all in 2 weeks!!!
so idk when cuz I have my final for my Human Sexuality class Thursday and my mom is off work tomorrow, but I'll probably have a livestream of some kind later this week before I leave for Seattle to visit kiahl (omgomg so excited lolol) its probably gonna be some kind of Nuzlocke 420 stream, and it'll either be on the next update or some gijinka/pokemon sketch dumps.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to shamelessly advertise the NUZLOCKE 420 TUMBLRRRRRRRRR
here you can find update screenshots/previews, gijinka and pokemon sketches, ask questions to the characters of Nuz420 or the author and find a lot of general information and stats on the run.
this tumblr is probably gonna be the main hub for background and character information and a lot of unfinished work and sketches that I won't post to deviantart (maybe even porn if I get high enough lololololol)
if you send me an ask I will try my very very hardest to always reply with a picture in the reply (even if its shitty one lol) but the character info page might take a little time just cuz I need to fin and make up all the info pages lol
Oh hey wow I just got like a whole bunch more followers, that's pretty bitchin!

So hey there new people, this is a little update (and early birthday journal) since I dunno how long I'll be hanging out tomorrow. So I'm almost done with the next update to Nuzlocke 420, and I'm halfway through the sketch of chapter 1.3 too, but hopefully I won't take so long to get that update finished.
I've been thinking of doing some Game of Thrones fanart lately, but this is only a recent thing and its probably gonna come after I progress more on my commissions. Sketchdumps and other upcoming projects may be appearing at some point as well, but Nuz420 and commissions will still have priority.
Thanks to all the new watchers for watchin me, hope you all enjoy my posts!
I'm too lazy to tag ppl and have other shit to do so maybe i'll tag ppl later


    I got tagged by :iconpandapool:

The tag is:
  1. You must post these rules
  2. Each person has to share ten things about them self.
  3. Answer 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the pople you tag will have to answer. 
  4. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal.
  5. Go to their page to inform them that they are tagged
  6. Not something like "you are tagged if you read that"
  7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
  8. No tag-backs
  9. You can't say that you don't do tags
  10. You must make a journal entry. No comments. Unless your're commenting about the actual entry. (Again I'm unclear on what this means.)
Ten Things
  1. I'm (hopefully) a year from landing an AA degree!
  2. I don't drive because San Francisco is the WORST city to own a car in.
  3. I'm taking Human Sexuality this summer and I'm loving every minuet of it! (possible career change?)
  4. Making pizza is one of my favorite things, especially grilled pizza! (so damn good)
  5. drawing sexy curvy bitches is my favorite thing. don't like? enjoy your meatless thighs then
  6. I still like a lot of older video games, but I'd totally play GTA V and newer games if I had the chance!
  7. Regular Show is my favorite cartoon of all time, but Future Card BuddyFight is THE GREATEST ANIME EVER AND EVERYONE NEED TO WATCH IT IMMEDIATELY
  8. I'm a huge stoner and I won't be giving up weed anytime soon. My dad is part of my reason for getting involved with weed, and its only helped me make more awesome friends and crazier ideas. I only regret not being able to smoke a bowl with my old man before he passed away.
  9. I'm super cool with kids, but even though I'd make an awesome mom, I don't want to get married/have a kid till I get my BA/MA degrees
  10. I'm open to talk about sexuality, drugs, idiotic ideas and other stupid shit, but I can still be polite and professional most of the time. I sometimes swear a little too much, but I'm still capable of checking myself

:iconpandapool:'s Questions

  1. If you could be any Pokemon, which one, and why?
    Hard to say, maybe a Flaaffy since their so fluffy and one of my top favs, but might also lean towards a Water type, maybe Starmie cuz they so badass
  2. What's your favorite current generation video game console (not your pc), or really any video game counsel?
    Currently Wii and N64, but also diggin the 3DS
  3. What's up? I'd like to be your friend.
    I'm down if you're cool with me being a huge stoner, cuz that's not gonna be changing anytime soon
  4. Was that last question too creepy?
    I've seen creepier
  5. If you could live in any video game world, just as a person not as the protagonist, which one, and why?
    Saints Row 3 because you can make hot pink mini coopers that are impervious to destruction and add on nitro and tire popping spikes
  6. Favorite starter Pokemon?
    tie between Snivy and Froakie
  7. Has this journal entry gone on too long?
    no i'm just too lazy to tag people
  8. Who is better, Spider-Man or Batman? (try to consider their comic book versions over their movie versions.)
    Spider-Man would be my bro and Batman would be my homie. Can't make me choose between these guys
  9. Would you be interested in any sort of crossover, cameo, or coloration works?
    I'm down if you hit me up ahead of time to discuss possibilities, but school work does take priority most of the time
  10. Do you have any other projects (comics, movies, games, etc.) in mind for the future? (give as little or as much detail as you feel comfortable with.)
    My main project for my next Illustration class will be a comic/graphic novel about a future set in San Francisco. The main characters are two robots, B.BoyBot (a dancebot 10 years out of date. Nickname "Retro") and BeatGirlBlush (a modern dancebot that suffers from display screen problems. nickname "Onei")
People to Check Out (if you don't already)/ People I'll tag 

i'll get to tagging ppl eventually

My Ten Questions

  1. If you are familiar with any "old school games" (N64, NES, ect.) what was your favorite game to play?
  2. Any uncommon interests or hobbies?
  3. Any dark secrets or dirty deeds you're willing to talk about?
  4. Who is your Favorite Gym Leader, Elite 4 or Champion and why? (any game)
  5. What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use?
  6. What is the last thing you dreamed about that you can remember?
  7. Who is the sexiest anime character?
  8. Batman or Superman?
  9. Who was your childhood hero? (person or cartoon character lol)
  10. If you could chose any job/career, what would your ideal one be?

the next updates for Nuzlocke420 are under way, just need to ink and add some values for Chapter 1.2 and 1.3 is almost sketched out. and PLEASE know I have not forgotten my commissions!! I shall be getting those taken care of today as well
So since finals are over its time for me to start working on my comic skills. As much as I'd like to start right away with Retro, I feel like it would be better to try a smaller project instead of having to redraw pages. So I've decided to give a nuzlocke comic a try since its been on my to-do list.
I'm sad to say that I won't be starting Kindred just yet, as the story itself still needs some working out in a few major parts, but I WILL be tackling Pokemon Y.

NOTE: this is going to be a for-fun project. This means a weird storyline, jokes, flip-flopping and lots of weed. Everything at the core of this nuzlocke will boil down to the improvement of my comic making skills, and if you can't take a joke or three then don't read and don't hate.

I also have a few commissions to tackle so some of those will probably be taken care of before I start on the nuzlocke. hope I can get some nice relaxing in before summer classes start (UGH)